Itchiness or Rash

Various conditions can cause rashes and itchy skin, with eczema by far the most common. There are over 1000 described conditions that can cause either one or both these conditions. Our dermatologists at Q Dermatology have over 20 years of collective experience, at a national and international level. Allergies to various compounds can cause a similar itchy rash. Itchy skin can also be caused by medication reactions, fungal infections, scabies infestation, Grover’s disease, lichen planus and rarer conditions such as bullous pemphigoid. In patients who develop itchy skin without a rash, proper investigation is needed. Xerosis, the medical term for dry skin, is often an exacerbating factor in itchy skin. The regular use of moisturisers, avoiding soaps and hot water (which strip natural, nourishing oils from the skin) are key to managing xerosis.